What is Wellbeing?

When we have good wellbeing, we feel good and we function well. We have positive relationships and some control over our life. We have feelings of happiness, contentment, curiosity and engagement and have a sense of purpose. Added together, this gives us a positive experience of life.

The best way to improve wellbeing is through understanding that:

' Wellbeing is important for me'

'There are things I can do to improve my wellbeing'

Although other people can support us to be happy and healthy, we have the best chance of being able to stay happy throughout our time in school if we learn how to take responsibilty for our own wellbeing.

At The Kingsway School, we recognise that factors in and out of school can cause significant disturbance to our wellbeing, and emotional health. We recognise that all children should have access to support to help them overcome obstacles, trauma and build resilience. A whole school approach to supporting the development of good mental health if identified by the Department for Education as a positive factor for child and adolescent mental health. A robust approach to wellbeing will be supported both through the curriculum and the Emotional Well Being Lead.

Our Vision for Emotional Wellbeing at The Kingsway School

  • Our students will be emotionally intelligent and emotionally resilient, equipped with the key skills they need to grow and thrive
  • Our students will know when and where to go for support when faced with challenges and will be able to access that support when it is needed
  • Our students will be supported to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Our students will be given the skills and knowledge to understand and respond to the difficulties children and young people face and we will ensure that information, advice and support is readily available to them
  • Our students will be supported to improve and protect their own emotional wellbeing by being equipped to identify and respond to levels of stress and challenges

Below are some useful links to improve wellbeing, resilience and decrease stress:

Moodscope - If you are struggling with low mood, depression or mood disorders, Moodscope offers an on line personal mood management tool that effectively measures and tracks your moods.

Steps for Stress - This website covers practical ways for you to start dealing with stress.

Get self help - This website offers CBT self help information and resources including therapy worksheets, useful for home.

Be Mindful - The Mental Health Foundation wants to make mindfulness available to everyone. This website is useful for parents who want more information about mindfulness, mindfulness based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.