Making your Key Stage 4 option choices is an important time for all Year 9 students. Please take the time with your parents/carers to review the information below to ensure you make informed choices.


On this page you will find resources to support your child in making their option choices for Key Stage 4, making option choices is an important time for all Year 9 students and we want to provide all students with the information they need to make informed choices.

All students will be informed about their curriculum pathway allocations during the week beginning Monday 23rd January. Please watch the Introducing Year 9 Options video to find out more about what the different curriculum pathways mean.

I would appreciate Parents/Carers and Year 9 students taking the time to discuss option choices and I would also encourage you to review the resources on this page including reading the Options Booklet.

In addition, every subject has produced a video which provides further information about each course on offer. You can watch these videos below.

I hope you will find the Options Booklet and additional web based resources useful and that you feel supported in making these very important decisions.

Key Dates

  • Options booklets issued -  week beginning Monday 23rd January.
  • Students will be told which pathway they have been allocated - week beginning Monday 23rd January.
  • Year 9 Options Evening - Thursday 26th January.
  • Options forms issued to students - Monday 6th February
  • ‘Virtual’ Year 9 Parents’ Evening - Thursday 9th February.
  • Completed Options forms must be submitted to Form Tutors by Monday 27th February.

Mr J. Weil
Assistant Headteacher responsible for Options

Introducing Year 9 Options 2023

Mr Weil talks through the Year 9 Options process


Year 9 Options Booklet 2023

Year 9 Options 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about what our departments and subjects have to offer:

Year 9 Options 2023 - Art, Craft & Design

Year 9 Options 2023 - Business Studies

Year 9 Options 2023 - Computer Science

Year 9 Options 2023 - Creative Media Product

Year 9 Options 2023 - Design & Technology

Year 9 Options 2023 - Geography and Travel

Year 9 Options 2023 - Health & Social Care

Year 9 Options 2023 - History

Year 9 Options 2023 - Hospitality & Catering

Year 9 Options 2023 - Modern Languages

Year 9 Options 2023 - Music

Year 9 Options 2023 - Performing Arts: Acting

Year 9 Options 2023- Performing Arts: Dance

Year 9 Options 2023 - Physical Education

Year 9 Options 2023 - Religious Studies

Year 9 Options 2023 - Separate Science

Year 9 Options 2023 - Sport Studies